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Visibledreams was created in 2001. We've evolved quite a bit since then, though our purpose has always been to contribute to the advances education is making through the wise use of technology. We are continuously exploring new technologies, especially those that will impact education. In addition, we believe in the power of Open Education and Open Source applications for education. This page is merely a gateway to each distinct area of exploration.

Because we explore and support open source technologies, each distinct area uses a different open source application. This page was created using KompoZer and Gimp. Our Augmented Reality Site uses Nucleus, our Blogs use WordPress, and Mahara and Moodle use, well, Mahara and Moodle. Color on the Web is a contribution we made to Merlot--an Open Educational Resource.

We are specialists in instructional design, program development, outcomes and assessment, curriculum mapping and development. We are happy to answer questions you may have with regards to services we offer.

Please feel free to contact us with comments or questions:

admin at visibledreams dot net

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