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The Hexidecimal Number System

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Here's why: the closer we get to white, the lighter the color. Remember that white is all color--FFFFFF. Likewise, the less color we have, the less light we have and the darker the color gets.

Here are two more tables:

Green Table

00ff00 44ff44 99ff99 ddffdd
00dd00 009900 004400 001100


Red Table
ff0000 ff4444 ff9999 ffdddd
dd0000 990000 440000 110000

Well, I think you’re ready for a quiz. Go to the next page and take the quiz. When you are done, you can go to a “magic” page where you can have some real fun with the secret code you’ve broken. After that, go back and make your web page the color you want it to be.



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