Color on the Web
How We See Color
Light and Color
The Code
Base 16 or
The Hexidecimal Number System

Exercises in Base 16
Dark and Light Values
Color Quiz
Experiment with Color


The purpose of this lesson is to give you the power to pick the exact colors you would like your web page to display for backgrounds, text, links, etc. You could just use words like “light blue”, “yellow”, etc, in your html, but then you will be limited to the colors you know the names of and that’s not always exactly what you want. Likewise, if you use the colors that come with a software program, you may be limited to the palette of colors they display for you. But, if you understand the secret code to color on the Web—well, then you have the ability to define color exactly as you would like it displayed. AND THAT'S POWER!

This unit will take about 10 minutes to go through and there will be a quiz at the end. There will also be some "magical" fun at the end. So let's begin.

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