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A case for e-portfolios

It might seem strange that I would begin this blog with an entry on e-portfolios, but a blog is a reflection on an artifact whether it be knowledge, or a thought, or an image.  E-portfolios are one of the best tools for giving students a place to collect, and reflect, on their work.  Even the task of choosing which pieces will be part of the viewed portfolio, is an act of reflection–a thoughtful process.  And, e-portfolios can be one of the best tools for authentic assessment.  Educationally, there are many sound reasons for e-portfolios.

But what about from a business, or grad school perspective.  Do they really look at e-portfolios?  Do they really care?  Some recent articles have said no, but I know differently from experience.  Whenever I submit a resume, I include the link to my personal web site: visibledreams. and I can tell when an perspective employer has finally received it, because my web stats show that someone from the institution looked at my web site.

The portfolio view can be a one page document, with audio links, and embedded video, images, and textual information that can be easily scanned.  Employers are likely click on a web site; they are probably not likely to pop in a CD of students work.

So, are e-portfolios a investment?  Should we be encouraging our students to build them?  Yes.

My recommendation for an eportfolio system, and why I chose that one, will by my next post.

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