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A Challenge begins

Stanford University has begun opening up some of its courses to the world, for free.  This fall they offered three of them, and beginning in January they are offering seven more.  The enrollments for the the fall courses reached in the range of 60,000–yes, 60,000 students.  No, you don’t get credit from Stanford for the courses, but technically you could get credit from some other institution (I’ll cover this in another post).

I’ve decided to enroll in the Human Computer Interaction course that starts in January, and I will be blogging about my experience.  I do a lot of talking and writing about Open Source, Open Education, Open CourseWare and the like, and I think it’s time I actually went through the experience of a more formalized use of what’s out there.  I hope, through my reflection on the process, other individuals will come to see these resources from a new perspective.  My goal is to build a portfolio of what I learn (reflections, artifacts, etc) and then submit that to a tertiary institution for the purpose of obtaining credit.  Together we can learn about this brave new world in education, and assess it.  I hope you will join me in my journey: http://visibledreams.net/mahara/view/view.php?id=297

Link to the Stanford U class: http://www.hci-class.org/

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